Services and car keys

Locked out of your property

In the unfortunate event that you are locked out of your property, Ultimate Locksmith will gain entry to your property for you. Fully trained and certified in non destructive and destructive techniques, if necessary.

Key snapped or stuck in lock.

Key snapped or stuck in lock! Ultimate Locksmith can extract the key and cut a replacement on site if the other part of the key has been saved.

Window or door mechanism failed.

Window or door mechanism failed, Ultimate Locksmith can open the window or door and repair or replace the parts.

Internal door problems

Internal door problems, tubular latch replacement, handles can be matched or as near as possible.

Replacement window and door handles.

Give your windows and doors some style.

Mobile key cutting service.

House keys cut at your property, with state of the art key cutting equipment.


Bought or selling a car with only one key, or do you own a car with only one key. If you lose this key it can be time consuming and expensive to replace.

Ultimate Locksmith provides a range of car keys, cut and programmed, at your property.

Check the list below to see if your make, model and year is covered.

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