Home Security

Ultimate Locksmiths offers a free home security consultation, providing information on ways to make your property more secure, keeping would be intruders out.

When looking to secure your property burglar alarms have been a long standing deterrent to intruders with CCTV being a recent addition to home security. Stopping would be intruders at the door is the most effective way of keeping your property secure.

This short video shows how the long standing and main security feature of your doors is flawed. You may have twelve point locking mechanism, but the euro cylinder, the part of the door that you insert your key, is its achilles heal.

ABS locks have a 3 Star Kitemark rating (tested to TS007), Sold Secure Diamond Grade and is Secured by Design accredited under the Police Preferred Security Initiative.

With built in magnetic pins for pick and bump resistance, and the most advanced snap secure features on the market, ABS has attained the highest accreditations available for a security cylinder and is the most effective door security upgrade available today.


ABS euro cylinder

ABS rim cylinder

Upgrade your wooden door security by combining an ABS rim cylinder with an ABS thumb turn euro cylinder, operating off the same key.

ABS Master System

ABS locks are also available as a master system, securing your business premises, whilst only giving staff access to rooms that they are permitted.

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